Fruit liqueurs are classified into three types according to the amount of pulp or juice.

Light Type

It is assembled mainly from fruit juices. It was manufactured to be drunk with soda or other beverages at a ratio of about 1:1.

Standard Type

Plenty of juice and pulp are added through a cold-pressed process. It is characterized by its rich flavor. Finished to be enjoyed on the rocks.

Premium Type

In addition to plenty of juice, diced pulp up to 8 mm in size is added. The palate enjoys the nuance of biting the pulp. The bottle is low in alcohol so that it can be enjoyed well chilled and straight up.

Sour Base

Grated whole lemon. It is made into a liqueur as it is.
Enjoy it as a lemon sour by mixing 1:4 with soda, etc.

Sakura Liqueur

Cherry blossoms are enclosed in a liqueur.
This liqueur evokes the image of spring in Yoshino, swaying in the bottle.

Special Order

They make a variety of liqueurs, such as Hokkaido yogurt liqueur, matcha, chocolate, tea leaves, and pearl powder.