Hokkaido yogurt liqueur

We already produce our yogurt liqueur at 9% ABV, but this time we have lowered the alcohol content a bit to 7% ABV.
Although it is only a 2% difference, we have readjusted it so that the sweetness of the yogurt is more pronounced and you can enjoy the flavor of the yogurt more.

Recommended way to drink it,
Fill a glass with plenty of crushed ice, pour in this yogurt liqueur, and enjoy.
Add mango juice to make a mango lassi. Or, if you mix it with our classic liqueur, strawberry liqueur, you can easily make a refreshing and soft-drinking cocktail.
We hope you will give it a try!

Hokkaido Yogurt Liqueur

Size : 720ml
JAN : 4589662764810
ABV : 7%
Bottles per Case:12 bottles
Ingredients :
Yogurt, sugar (glucose-fructose liquid sugar, fructose), brewing alcohol, acidifier, flavor (some ingredients contain milk)

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